Veda for the Masses

The Veda will be interpreted in a way that facilitates the manifestation of the aspiration of mankind.

– Swami Sri Atmananda

The Vedic Research Institute is currently focused on “Veda for the Masses,” a project to translate the Vedic mantras word-by-word as per the needs of modern humanity. Since Veda is the repository of all knowledge, both material and spiritual, mankind needs this knowledge for its benefit. As Veda is written in classical Sanskrit and over millennia has been reduced to ritualistic worship, it has lost its appeal to the general population. Veda needs to be translated into the language of modern man’s understanding, and the interpretation must be a rational one based on reasoning, because that is the spirit of the modern time. Swamiji says, “Veda will not be interpreted as a religious scripture or with a cultural coating, but it will be interpreted in the language of human evolution.”