Sama Veda

Sama Veda consists of mantras that are sung with a specific melody based on sapta swaras (seven musical notes). Word ‘sama’ means song. Many consider Sama Veda as one of the roots of the classical Indian music and dance traditions.

The importance of Sama Veda is glorified in Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna when he said ‘vedanam sama vedosmi’ ‘among the Vedas I am Sama Veda.’

Many scholars consider that Sama Veda represents the Purusha while the Rig Veda represents the Prakriti.

  • Total Mantras in Sama Veda: 1,875 in two divisions
  • Purvarchika and Uttararchika. Also includes the Mahanamni archika (10 mantras) that links both
    • Purvarchika contains 640 mantras in 4 kandas (chapters)
    • Uttararchika contains 40 suktas and has a total of 1225 mantras spread over 21 chapters
  • Main Shakhas: Kauthuma, Ranayaniya and Jaiminiya
  • Main Samhitas: Kauthuma, Ranayaniya and Jaiminiya
  • Main Brahmanas: Pancavimsa, Sadvimsa and Jaiminiya
  • Main Aranyakas: Talavakara
  • Main Upanishads: Chandogya and Kena