Yajur Veda

Yajur Veda deals with various steps for performing Vedic rituals and sacrifices. Yajur is derived from Yaj, a sacred ritual aimed at universal welfare. If the sacred ritual is done for individual well-being using Yajur Veda mantras, it is called a Homa.

Yajur Veda specifies a ritualistic practice to purify both body and mind. Mantras help to awaken the inner consciousness, which opens up new avenues of learning and understanding life and existence.

  • Total Mantras in Yajur Veda: 1,975 in 40 chapters
    • There are two divisions in Yajur Veda
    • Divisions: Sukla and Krishna Yajur Veda
  • Sukla Yajur Veda
    • Main Shakhas: Madhyandina and Kanva
    • Main Samhitas: Vajaseniya
    • Main Brahmanas: Shatapatha
    • Main Aranyakas: Brihad
    • Main Upanishads: Ishavaasya and Brihadaranyaka
  • Krishna Yajur Veda
    • Main Shakhas: Taittriya, Maitrayani, Caraka, Kathaka and Kapisthalakatha
    • Main Samhitas: Maitrayani, Caraka, Kapisthalakatha and Taittriya
    • Main Brahmanas: Caraka, Kapisthalakatha and Taittriya
    • Main Aranyakas: Maitryani, Caraka and Taittriya
    • Main Upanishads: Taittriya, Katho and Shvetashvatara