Why is this Project Unique?

Through this project, the mantras of the Vedas are decoded, translated, and offered in a format that can be easily accessed by anyone. For example, till today, all the mantras of the Vedas are not available in English transliteration format, but it is made available through this project.

To decode all the mantras in the Vedas (20,500) is a colossal task. To find grammatical derivation of every word in a mantra is also a superhuman aspiration. In the present culture of consumerism and emphasis on wealth, money, status and recognition in society, to find a true Vedic scholar who is capable and committed to do this research work is a frustrating search. Even then, the organizers of this research project are aspiring to complete this work with the help of all those who understand the importance of it. The Vedas, being the oldest wisdom revealed to mankind, contain everything that man needs to reach the goal of human life. Understanding, experience, realization, and manifestation are the four aspects of this wisdom.